Tier One Initiatives

The Tampa Bay Defense Alliance (TBDA) has identified a number of strategic initiatives that require immediate and ongoing attention and focus.

A) Communicate and project as “One Team /One Voice” throughout Florida and specifically the region.

  1. Improve communication through integration of local, state, and federal efforts by strengthening relationships with base leadership, Florida Defense Alliance, Florida Defense Support Task Force and City and County Governments;
  2. Create enhanced community relationships to capitalize on local resources;
  3. Develop working relationships with defense planners, defense contractors and leadership to better anticipate changing needs and proposed actions so we can help develop solutions and strategies of mutual benefit to our region and DoD; and
  4. Coordinate with non-profit organizations supporting MacDill and military personnel.

B) Establishing and Nurturing Relationships

  1. Review and strengthen state support for military families and veterans with a focus on education, health care, employment and family programs.
  2. Strengthen working relationships with the following State of Florida Departments:
  1. Inform TBDA members on any military-related federal and state legislative issues that impact Florida and local communities.

C) Promote MacDill Air Force Base as a United States mission critical force projection Air Force Base.

  1. Identify areas where the state’s presence and actions have or can have a sustainable impact on MacDill Air Force Base;
  2. Transportation access;
  3. DoD renewable energy goals;
  4. Lowering installation’s cost of doing business;
  5. Identify the military value of MacDill Air Force Base using core Department of Defense criteria and the results of previous data calls;
  6. Support the Florida military installation encroachment prevention program for MacDill;
  7. Identify current and potential encroachment issues and prioritize resolutions;
  8. Expand identified encroachment issues to include airspace, environmental, energy, frequency spectrum and land use compatibility;
  9. Make recommendations to preserve and protect MacDill Air Force Base;
  10. Improve/promote the capacity, capabilities and competencies of the MacDill Air Force Base, Combatant Commands and surrounding military affiliated units and organizations (e.g. Coast Guard, Florida National Guard, Reserves, and NOAA). Strengthen our relationship and support with Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in Miami; and
  11. Develop a template for comparative analysis of military value based on DoD data-call scoring of MacDill Air Force Base; and closely competing installations outside of Florida.

D) Serving active/retired military personnel and their families

  1. Promote and grow the region’s military mission and installations;
  2. Provide support and incentives for the defense community to remain or relocate in the eight county area;
  3. Continue to strengthen state support for military families and veterans with a focus on education, health care, employment and family programs; and
  4. Improve the quality of life for active, guard, reserve and retired military personnel and their families including the support of our Veteran’s Administration and its medical treatment to our Wounded Heroes and retired military vets.

E) Education- Informing through meetings, white papers, trade shows, conferences and other events

  1. Provide a plan for active and effective advocacy for military and homeland defense missions and facilities located in our eight counties including the United States Coast Guard;
  2. Help the Defense Task Force set a standard for our Florida National Guard from benefits to modernization to readiness/training of their units to working with employers – affording our Guard the ability to mobilize and deploy in support of their unit missions;
  3. Promote Florida as a military friendly state and take the lead in identifying opportunities for the defense community in the state, specifically in our eight counties;
  4. Assist the Governor’s office in addressing and supporting the needs of MacDill Air Force Base as the result of base commander’s meetings;
  5. Create a plan to support the Florida Congressional Delegation to ensure consistent presentation of our counties’ concerns. Implement and follow through with the plan;
  6. Create greater awareness of our eight counties’ military-friendly environment including support for veterans, retirees and military dependents;
  7. Encourage increased defense business relocation through tax and other state incentives;
  8. To support the state’s position in research and development related to or arising out of military missions and contracting;
  9. To improve the state’s military friendly environment for service members, military dependents, military retirees and businesses who bring military and base-related jobs to the state;
  10. Showcase Tampa Bay and its culture to our Coalition Partners serving at US Central Command; and
  11. Increase mutually beneficial economic development opportunities for the State of Florida, the Tampa Bay Region and MacDill Air Force Base.